Resined paintings


(Born Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Kristofir Dean is a painter based in Hamilton, Ontario.  He holds a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) and has shown his work internationally.  He is currently represented by Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver and Art Interiors in Toronto.


My current body of work is informed by cartography, geology and forestry maps; translating visible data into an imaginary landscape of day-glow colours and simplified forms.   Using references from the actual landscape, the rest is imagined as if I only had a brief gilmps and had to fill in the blanks.  As a traveller, I often only spend moments at each attraction,  not enough time to fully understand the rich culture behind the space.  After leaving, a memory unfolds informed by the circumstance surrounding the event and suddenly what you thought was a pristine beach on a tropical island, is now a dark memory of where you lost your passport.  This brief viewing only exists for a moment, like a dream.  I translate these moments in hard-edge acrylic paintings which can be revisited.


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